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ScratchGuard Cat Sofa Protector

ScratchGuard Cat Sofa Protector

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ULTIMATE CAT SCRATCH PROTECTION, HAPPY CATS & FURNITURE: A cat-friendly solution designed to safeguard your furniture while keeping your furry friend entertained. This cat scratch board pad and nail-fixed cat toy combo is here to save your sofas and bring joy to your cat's life.

CAT-APPROVED MATERIALS: Crafted from high-quality materials, this cat scratch pad and toy are gentle on your cat's paws, providing them with a safe and enjoyable scratching experience. Say goodbye to unsightly scratches on your furniture.

PROTECT YOUR SOFA: Place the scratch board pad on your sofa, and watch it transform into a cat-friendly oasis. It serves as a protective shield, preventing your furniture from becoming a scratching post.

NAIL-FIXED CAT TOY: The attached cat toy provides hours of entertainment for your feline friend. It's designed to keep cats engaged, active, and mentally stimulated, reducing boredom-related scratching.

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